Amusement Park Safety

6 Safety Tips for Amusement Park Fun

The kids are itching to go someplace exciting for summer break in Eastern North Carolina, and nothing fits the bill like an amusement park – a classic staple of American fun.


However, unless you take some safety precautions, an amusement park or water park can also be stressful or even dangerous. So, brush up on these safety tips before the thrills begin:


1.       Follow the rules. Ignoring this tip is why most injuries occur in the first place. The rules are there for your safety, not to limit your fun, so be sure to observe and obey them. That includes any and all restrictions regarding age and height, as well as guidelines for physical conditions that may make it unsafe to participate. Listen to instructions from park employees, and keep arms, legs, feet, and hands inside rides at all times. Finally, always use the provided safety restraints.

2.       Educate your kids. Make sure they know how to behave safely, both on rides and in crowded public spaces.

3.       If you’re at a water park, take special care. Children under 4 feet tall, and people who are weak swimmers, should wear life jackets. Know where lifeguards are, and signal them if you see anyone in trouble or struggling. Observe proper hygiene in and around the water. Use waterproof swim diapers, try not to get water in your mouth, shower before getting in any pool and so forth.

4.       Have an emergency plan. Designate a meeting place in case anyone becomes separated from the rest of the group. Use a buddy system to ensure children are never alone.

5.       Don’t overheat. Bring plenty of sunscreens (the waterproof kind if you’re at a water park) and drink lots of water during the day. Don’t forget to spend some time in the shade, too.

6.       Know your limits. Be mindful of the health limitations of any people in your group, and check with the park ahead of time to see if they offer any special accommodations. Remember, kids can sometimes overdo it when they’re having fun, so build in time for regular breaks.


Plan ahead for safety, and you can help make sure the only roller coasters on your trip are the ones you ride. Have a great time!


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