Farming the Future

Agriculture has become a diverse business with many liability and property exposures. We represent a number of insurance companies that specialize in agribusiness. We provide a policy that will fit your needs - whether it be Farmowners, Farm Fire, Swine/Poultry Confinement Houses and more.

 Call us today at Brewer Insurance Services, Inc., 919-658-8585 or toll free at 1-800-261-3562 to discuss competitive pricing and flexible coverage options or fill out the request a quote form and we will contact you. You can also combine several coverages to receive lower premiums.

PRODUCTS (As explained by Halifax Mutual)

Halifax Mutual offers coverage for the following types of policies: Dwelling Fire, Farm Properties, Homeowners, Farmowners, Farm Liability and Farm Personal Liability. Halifax uses ISO forms for Dwelling Fire and Homeowner policies. Halifax uses AAIS forms for Farm Property, Farmowners, Farm Liability, and Farm Personal Liability policies.

Dwelling Fire policies provide property coverage for Dwellings, Other Structures and Personal Property for owner and tenant occupied dwellings. Basic Form (DP-1), Broad Form (DP-2) and Special Form (DP-3) coverages are available.

Homeowner policies provide property and liability coverage for primary and secondary residence premises. HO-2, HO-3 and HO-8 coverages are available for owner occupied dwellings. HO-4 coverage is available for tenant occupied dwellings. HO-6 coverage is available for Townhouse/Condominiums. Optional coverages are available to customize your policy to meet your needs.

Farm Property policies provide property coverage for dwellings, barns, farm buildings, farm equipment, livestock and farm personal property. An example of some of the items covered are: poultry houses, hog houses, grain bins, bulk barns, green houses, hay, tractors, combines bulldozers, and backhoes.

Farmowner policies provide coverage for the primary dwelling, farm buildings, farm equipment, livestock, and farm liability coverage. FO-2, FO-3 and FO-2 with FO-15 coverages are available for owner occupied dwellings. FO-4 coverage is available for tenant occupied dwellings. Additional coverages are available to customize your policy to meet your needs.

Farm Liability and Farm Personal Liability policies provide liability coverage for farms. Farm Liability (Premises Only) covers only the insured’s premises and incidental operations. Farm Personal Liability policies provide coverage for a one to four family dwelling, buildings and land used for farms.

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Other Coverages:

  • Farmer's Disability Income
  • Grower's Loss of Income
  • Farmer's Liability Umbrella

Types of Insurance we cover:

  • Farm Owners
  • Farm Equipment
  • Animal Mortality
  • Farm Liability
  • Hog & Poultry Houses
  • Tenant Dwellings
  • Bulk Barns
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